Frequently Asked Questions

What does DLM do?

DLM maintains a program that prevents a small problem from turning into a bigger issue. We are able to schedule and sustain all requests or “to-do” lists provided by the homeowner in a timely manner. You can expect quality maintenance and repair work done by all contracted companies that DLM works with. We are able to simplify the process of moving into your new or existing home by managing all development, repairs and maintenance to the property.

We act as a liaison between you, the homeowner and the company contracted to provide the work. We oversee that all components of the house are functioning properly while you are away, by thoroughly checking the property in its entirety with each visit.


Do you provide a cleaning service?
Yes, we are able to schedule a cleaning service for your home per your specifications.

Do you check both the interior and exterior of each property?
Yes, we thoroughly check both the interior and exterior of your property on a weekly basis or as requested.

How often do you check the houses?
Weekly, as requested or what is set in the contract.

Do you run all plumbing?
Yes, we run all faucets, showers and bathtubs. We also check dishwashers and water/ice machines, including those attached to the home’s refrigerator.

Do you provide a pest control service?
Yes, we have a monthly schedule in which each home will be sprayed.

Do you set out garbage and recycling cans for pickup on their appropriate days?
Yes, we will check both cans after your departure to ensure proper disposal.

Do you keep track of each visit to the home?
Yes, we keep a daily visit log displayed in your home.

How will I be informed of any issues that may arise with my property?
We will personally contact you via phone or email.

Do you share our information with anyone?
No, we do not disclose any personal or home information to anyone.

What areas do you handle?
Our service area is primarily in North Scottsdale. Areas include but are not limited to Grayhawk, DC Ranch, Troon, Desert Mountain, Estancia, Silverleaf, Whisper Rock and Mirabel.

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